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One of the most significant challenges in modern-day society is the ability to establish and maintain citizens’ confidence in their local governments. Councillors have the responsibility to develop a sustainable and socially responsible community. Establishing top-notch quality in local governments can foster economic prosperity. ISO certification for local government helps authorities show their citizens that they care about the local community.

Best Practice Biz is at your service if you want to achieve ISO certification for your local government. We have years of experience and the required expertise to evaluate the scope, train, and offer ISO certification to local authorities and other public sector institutions.

Essential ISO Certifications for Local Governments

To be accountable to citizens, local authorities should ensure that their management complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 18091. Best Practice Biz has the knowledge and expertise to help local governments implement quality management systems. The ISO 9001 provides the confidence local government councillors need to assure taxpayers that their administration provides the highest service delivery standards.

ISO 45001: 2018 was established to replace OHSAS 18001. ISO 45001 certification helps the private and public sector institutions comply with health and safety standards. At Best Practice Biz, we will help you build and maintain an effective health and safety management system to guarantee a safe work environment for all local government employees and boost citizens’ confidence.

Local governments are responsible for building and planning, garbage collection, and other activities that can affect the environment. Understanding and implementing ISO 14001 can help reduce the administration’s environmental impact.

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How to Get ISO Certified

Best Practice Biz uses the three steps to get local governments certified:

Optional Gap Analysis

We first assess the performance of different systems in the local government. This helps us determine areas where the authority does not meet the ISO standard. We will also determine the steps needed to meet the set requirements.

Stage 1 Assessment

This step involves evaluating the management system's policy documentation.

Stage 2 Assessment

Here, we confirm that all departments implement the documented policies and procedures. An E-Audit enables our evaluators to discuss the effectiveness of the management system with strategic partners in the institution.


After ascertaining the management system's effectiveness, we provide a certification statement to show that the institutions meet the highest standards required for local governments. Although the certificate will be valid for three years, we will undertake surveillance evaluations yearly to maintain it.

Why work with Best Practice Biz?

The confidence your citizens have in your administration matters more to us. Therefore, we have a team of competent ISO training and certification consultants to check the scope and maturity of operations and offer the insights required to achieve the highest standards. Our JAS-ANZ accreditation shows that we have what it takes for local governments to trust us to check the integrity of their processes.

Get ISO Certified Today

Whether you want to establish an effective quality management system or achieve the highest occupational health and safety standards, Best Practice Biz can help. We also assist local governments in establishing and maintaining robust information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) and Asset Management systems (ISO 55001). Contact us today to have all your questions regarding ISO certification for local governments answered.

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