How To Attract And Retain Top Staff

If you’re a company that wants to attract and retain top talent, it helps to know what they want. And while a fancy office or luxury amenities might be on the top of your list, they’re not on everyone else’s. To help you understand what kind of benefits are best for your staff members, I’ve created this guide with the common perks offered by companies looking to attract the best people in their industries.

Reward staff.

There’s a reason why rewards are so popular. When you reward staff, you show them they are valued. When you reward them for meeting targets or going above and beyond, it shows that your company values accountability.

When it comes to rewarding staff, the sky is the limit! There’re plenty of options: gift cards, extra vacation days and nights, community service opportunities or even time off work during big events like Christmas. Rewards don’t have to be material—they can be intangible too, like a shoutout to the team via email or a mention in a quarterly meeting.

Give them time off.

Giving your team time off is one of the best ways you can show them that they are valued. While it’s important to have a good work-life balance, you need to be careful in structuring this so that your employees don’t feel like they’re being overworked or undervalued.

In some cases, this may mean giving them additional perks such as flexible working hours or even working from home if that would be more convenient for them. However, it could also mean providing more paid leave—or even simply unpaid leave—to give workers the opportunity to relax at home and recharge their batteries before coming back refreshed and ready for another day at work.

Giving your employees more time off is an excellent way of showing how much value you place on them, but it should also be used as a tool for helping improve morale within the workplace too!

Offer other perks.

After the salary, the next most important factor in attracting and retaining great employees is benefits.

Here are some ideas:

  • Flex time
  • Free food in the office or a kitchenette with snacks
  • Employee discounts on products or services offered by you and your vendors (think cars, home improvement stores, etc.)
  • Employee events like happy hours, monthly lunches/dinners at local restaurants, live entertainment events featuring local artists or bands

Treat people like adults.

You can’t expect to attract and retain top talent if you treat people like children. Giving employees responsibility, and the chance to make decisions and develop as individuals is key.

No one likes being told what to do, so give your employees some autonomy over their work. If they are given a task with clear instructions and guidance on how it fits into the wider picture of your business, they will feel valued, trusted and motivated by you as an employer.

This approach also makes it more likely that staff will be willing to go the extra mile for you when required – whether that means staying late or helping out with other projects in a pinch.

Sometimes even the smallest gestures can mean the world to your team and you don’t always have to splash loads of cash to make people feel valued. I hope these ideas have helped shine some light on what you can do to help support your team.

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