What Is Business Continuity Management In ISO 27001

Businesses can become vulnerable to cyber risks, disruptions, and other events that can cause significant loss to organisation assets. Therefore, it’s vital to put up measures for prevention and recovery when possible.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an essential process within ISO 27001 that helps companies recognise potential risks to their operation and develop strategies to ensure continued business in case of an emergency.

This process helps organisations to identify risks, prepare for the risks, respond, and recover from disruptions. It involves the implementation of controls, such as personnel training, data backups, and disaster recovery plans, as outlined under Annex A.17 of Annex A controls.

What is Annex A.17?

This is a document that provides the guidelines for policies and controls for a company’s business operations continuity regarding its information systems. It outlines how informational assets, data, and systems can be continued during disaster recovery.

What Are The Annex A.17 Controls?

Annex A.17 of ISO 27001 consists of four controls:

A.17:1 Information Security Continuity

These controls are related to the formulation, implementation, and maintenance of an information security system. It ensures that the continuity of an information security system is incorporated into a company’s business continuity program. This clause is further divided into three sub-controls:

  • Annex A:17.1.1 Planning Information Security Continuity – If you’re planning to implement ISO 27001, you need to establish the guidelines for information security. This control requires organisations to implement a recovery plan to prevent or avoid potential uncertainties.
  • Annex A:17.1.2  Implementing Information Security Continuity – This control requires an organisation to implement and maintain procedures and processes to ensure that the recommended level of continuity for security is attained.
  • Annex A:17.1.3 Verify, Review, and Evaluate Information Security Continuity – An organisation’s control measures must be evaluated from time to time to ensure they are effective. They should be tested and maintained according to the organisation’s risk-based requirements.

A.17.2  Redundancies

The purpose of this control is to facilitate the reliability and availability of information process systems with minimal complexity. It helps to prevent disruption events of system operations in the event of a disaster or technical failure by ensuring continuity of service. Redundant items must be tested periodically and be appropriately documented for audit purposes.

The Importance Of Business Continuity Management In Business

Business continuity management is important for an organisation because it facilitates the continuity of business operations in case of an emergency or unexpected disruptions. It identifies, plans for, and prepares an organisation for any disruption that could impact its operations, products, or services.

Businesses are vulnerable to disruptions, emergencies, and other risks. It is important for your organisation to be able to recover quickly from any disaster so that its operations and activities can continue. This can help keep the business running smoothly, and its customers will remain satisfied.

Organisations can also use business continuity management to protect their reputation and brand by ensuring they are resilient and able to address any situation. In addition, business continuity planning can help ensure that your company is able to recover and restore its functionality quickly.

Effective planning involves risk assessment and evaluation, and steps must be taken to safeguard the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of information systems.

How Best Practice Certification Can Help

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