ISO Certification For Human Services

ISO certification is an essential part of any human resource organisation. It provides a foundation for human service organisations to improve their service delivery systems and establish trust and credibility among consumers.

By getting an ISO certification, you’re demonstrating to your partners, stakeholders, and consumers that you care about customer satisfaction, service quality, and information security.

If you own or work in a human service organisation and looking to obtain an ISO certificate, Best Practice Biz is the ISO certification body to contact. As an experienced JAZ-ANZ accredited certification body, we can support you throughout your ISO certification journey through collaborative schemes.

The 3 Steps to Getting Your ISO Certification

Our certification process entails only three simple steps:

Optional Gap Analysis

This step isn't part of the standard certification process, but it's an additional stage that we offer to better understand how your business is operating and if there are any management systems that need to be improved or corrected.

Stage 1 Assessment

The first step involves the assessment process of your business’s management system documentation. Our experts will look into your records, processes, policies, and scope of context.

Stage 2 Assessment

This stage involves verification that all the standard scheme requirements are applied in every department of your business. This is done via an E-Audit, where one of our assessors will discuss with your team remotely to check if the requirements have been implemented correctly.


After completing the second phase assessment, we will award you a Statement of Certification that shows your Human Service Organisation complies with the specific international ISO standard.

What are the ISO Certifications for Human Service Organisations?

At Best Practice Biz, we offer various ISO certification standards, including the following:

ISO 9001:2015 is one of the most popular human service quality standards. Whether you run a nonprofit, a private sector human organisation, or a public sector organisation, implementing this standard can help take your organisation to greater heights.

Without proper certifications, the goals and quality assurance would be difficult to fulfil. ISO 9001 provides requirements to ensure your organisation operates within a compliant framework.

Human service organisations know the importance of implementing the right information security systems. The purpose of this standard is to provide a roadmap for safety handling protecting, and storing valuable information. Most health and human service organisations handle sensitive information, and there is a need to prove to stakeholders and consumers that the data is safeguarded.

Human service organisations play an important role in promoting environmental awareness. Most of these organisations focus on the prevention and tackling of problems. Thus, they promote policy changes that benefit the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Implementing ISO 14001 in your organisation is an excellent way to promote environmentally-sound systems to benefit our natural environment and the at-risk persons in our community.

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Why work with Best Practice?

  • Fully licensed & accredited: Best Practice Biz is certified to offer quality and safe ISO certification, training, and support services to various human service organisations, including nonprofits, funded organisations, and those that offer disability services.
  • Customised service: We conduct an independent review to determine your organisation’s ISO certification needs and develop a tailored solution to help attain your objectives.
  • Quality service: We provide quality ISO certification services to human service organisations in Australia and across the globe. We strive to ensure your organisation complies with relevant regulations and competes on a global scale.

Do You Need Help Getting Your ISO Certification?

The team at Best Practice Biz has the knowledge, tools, and resources to help you with what’s required to undertake a successful ISO certification. Contact us today to learn more.

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