Essential 8 Gap Analysis

Identify, Manage & Reduce Your Cyber Security Risk

What is the risk if your organisation takes no action?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends the top eight security mitigation strategies deemed to be the most effective for mitigating cybersecurity incidents.

Aligning to the Essential 8 is a robust starting point for organisations looking to protect digital assets and enhance customer trust.

Best Practice Certification is here to help you be proactive and progressive in your approach to cybersecurity and to mitigate the risk. If your approach is reactive, it’s already too late.

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What is the Essential 8 Gap Analysis Process?

Service Deliverables

• Understand your level of maturity from an Essential 8 Gap Analysis.

• Proactively explore your cyber security procedures and your organization's ability to handle cyber threats.

• Identify problems, propose solutions, and offer a clear course of action.

• Improve your compliance and security scores.

• Provide stakeholders with key reports, and make sure there is visibility of your current cyber security maturity.

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